Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Blog Life (I'm a face painter now)

Hey everyone!  I don't know if anyone still checks this, but I just wanted to throw out a random update that I went back to school and am working on a BA in Arts Management. I am in the middle of my last semester before I graduate - and I'm exhausted!  But also.... I have a new business!!!  :)

I am now an officially insured and professional face painter in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas!  I had been working for a woman painting faces and drawing henna at local renn faires.  A few years later, I've started my own business, Halfmoon Body Art. 
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If any one here would like to hire me or recommend my services to anyone within driving distance of Pittsburgh, PA please don't hesitate to throw them my way!!  I do all kinds of events: Birthday Parties, Mitzvahs, Corporate Picnics, Festivals, Bachelorette Parties, Church Bazaars, etc. (I even have a punny joke as my tagline - "The most fun you'll have is only One Stroke away!"  Get it? Because we use one-stroke painting.  ....okay, I'll work on it.)
Don't worry... I still have all of my polish and look forward to making more time for nail art once school is mostly over, but for now I have to keep studying and finish this leg of my journey. Happy Polishing, you all!!

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