Thursday, October 21, 2010


For my Eyeko order.


Was "dispatched" yesterday.   [obsessively checking USPS Track & Confirm]
Also, check it:  I just got a call from my Nail Tech friend.  42 bottles of new OPI for $2/each!  0_o

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rant and Review - Wet n' Wild Rain Check

Alright.  Let's get this started.

First off, let me tell you, I bought this as an impulse.  I saw it, I needed to buy something, so I grabbed it.  I thought, "hey, $.99, I can afford that. AND it's pretty!  Almost periwinkle." [I've had some major Periwinkle envy lately.]  I immediately swatched it on one of my fingers.  Aside from the near "goopyness" of the polish, I became instantly enamored.  I love this shade.  I love this shade so much that I bragged about it all day before I even got home to apply it.  I had already decided that I was going to cut the goopyness down with a healthy dose of thinner.

....Got home, added thinner.  By the time I could thin the polish to a consistency that I felt comfortable working with, I ended up applying FOUR coats on my nails to get Bottle Opacity.  [I'm wondering why I even bothered.]
It bubbled.  A little bit.  But they mostly disappeared after the polish settled for a while and I topcoated with my bff Seche.

I'm a bit disappointed - it chipped - overnight - as you can see on the inside tip of my middle finger. And it has just gotten worse as the day has worn on.  Granted, I didn't use a base coat of any kind... But I'm still in LOVE with this shade!  OMG do I love it!  Some times it's dusty grey-blue!  Sometimes it's a frosty periwinkle!  Seriously, IN LOVE. 

[Actual shade is somewhere in between both of the comparison photos.]

(sample jpg from

Now, if I could just make it work....   :-*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Nails (and some announcements)

Well, I'm back for a moment.  I finally found in between jobs and family a few spare minutes to update.

Business first.

Announcement #1: I'm officially a Mrs!

Announcement #2:  I got a new phone, the Samsung Epic.  This means I haven't replaced my digital camera yet.  My pics have all been taken with my camera phone and the quality isn't great as a camera, but pretty darned impressive for a phone!  The touch screen is still taking some getting used to... I have to take a lot of pictures before I can get one that is even worth sharing. 

And now, nails.

First, I got this idea from here who got it from here who got it from goldiestarling on YouTube. It is seriously easy to do and everyone who sees it loves it.  So if you want a high impact mani that will receive lots of compliments this season THIS IS IT.

Next, I tried this:

I like this and I can even manage to do BOTH hands with a sweet trick that I figured out all on my own using the konad stamper!

Well, that's about it.  I shall continue to plug away in this dreary weather, day after day, until Novemeber.  Then, I think, I can take a breath and maybe sleep for a few days.  :)