Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock Star... Maybe, Maybe Not!

Towards the end of last week I had plans for a pirate-themed pub crawl. So I decided that I needed some fresh nails.
I had a hard time deciding on these, but I finally decided that a wench needed some wenchy nails and what better than something she could relate to a favorite bar/karaoke song... "She had Blood Red nails on her fingertips"?
This is Sinful Colors' Sugar Sugar [Pour some Sugar on me!] and LA Girl's Red Glitter on the moons, pulled gently outward towards the tips.  There's a "healthy" coat of Out the Door to top coat, but later I also made sure to liberally apply Seche Vite for a smoother (and more depthy) finish.
On a side note, I *loved* this combo!  Sugar Sugar has this nummy metallic formula that reminds me greatly of swirly bowling balls and my gramma's old vinyl-backed kitchen chairs.  Makes me feel nostalgic.  :)

Today's nails are much on the nostalgic side as well.  Does anyone remember "Lisa Frank"?? Google it.
It seems to be making a comeback of sorts, ever since I saw this most awesome pair of shoes at a local specialty shop, I've been craving a good 80's night.  Now I'm prepared!

Rawr!!  *grin*
China Glaze's Pink Voltage, Orange Knockout; Sally Hansen's Green with Envy, Pixel Pretty; Sinful Colors' Dream On; Kiss Nail Art Brush in Black.
They really look so much more awesome in person.... :(  SOME day I'll learn how to take better pictures for the internet.  (Maybe even make a light box! woot!)  :)
Ah, and because I had to coordinate [but can't paint as well with my left hand], here's my right:
[Same colors - "Skittle Swatched"]
Pink Voltage, Orange Knockout and Pixel Pretty are all applied over a coat of a No-Name silver.
Also, Pink Voltage seems to be one of the most difficult formulas to apply nicely.  I try my best. Some times it works out, some times not so much.  *shrug*

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First "Official" Polish Post

Mostly just trying to get into the habit of blogging... I've decided to discuss my current manicure.

It's a fancy French, with Sally Hansen's First Dance (a sheer frost) with a single coat of Hidden Treasure, OPI's Alpine Snow for the tips (omg, what a PITA formula!), and for the coup d'grace.... GLOW IN THE DARK STARS!!! Stamped on from BM20.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Babbling Brooke Nail Polish Giveaway!

Okay.  So we all know that I've been completely obsessed with nail polish lately, right?  Well, it seems like it couldn't have happened at a better time.  One of the blogs that I'm now following, Babbling Brooke, is having a HUGE giveaway! 
Click on the pic to jump to her blog post!
Happy!!  :)