Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock Star... Maybe, Maybe Not!

Towards the end of last week I had plans for a pirate-themed pub crawl. So I decided that I needed some fresh nails.
I had a hard time deciding on these, but I finally decided that a wench needed some wenchy nails and what better than something she could relate to a favorite bar/karaoke song... "She had Blood Red nails on her fingertips"?
This is Sinful Colors' Sugar Sugar [Pour some Sugar on me!] and LA Girl's Red Glitter on the moons, pulled gently outward towards the tips.  There's a "healthy" coat of Out the Door to top coat, but later I also made sure to liberally apply Seche Vite for a smoother (and more depthy) finish.
On a side note, I *loved* this combo!  Sugar Sugar has this nummy metallic formula that reminds me greatly of swirly bowling balls and my gramma's old vinyl-backed kitchen chairs.  Makes me feel nostalgic.  :)

Today's nails are much on the nostalgic side as well.  Does anyone remember "Lisa Frank"?? Google it.
It seems to be making a comeback of sorts, ever since I saw this most awesome pair of shoes at a local specialty shop, I've been craving a good 80's night.  Now I'm prepared!

Rawr!!  *grin*
China Glaze's Pink Voltage, Orange Knockout; Sally Hansen's Green with Envy, Pixel Pretty; Sinful Colors' Dream On; Kiss Nail Art Brush in Black.
They really look so much more awesome in person.... :(  SOME day I'll learn how to take better pictures for the internet.  (Maybe even make a light box! woot!)  :)
Ah, and because I had to coordinate [but can't paint as well with my left hand], here's my right:
[Same colors - "Skittle Swatched"]
Pink Voltage, Orange Knockout and Pixel Pretty are all applied over a coat of a No-Name silver.
Also, Pink Voltage seems to be one of the most difficult formulas to apply nicely.  I try my best. Some times it works out, some times not so much.  *shrug*

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