Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not very Patriotic... unless you stretch your imagination!

While everyone else's nail seem to be infected by the spirit of July 4th.... I'm being a loser.
My nails do not reflect any sort of patriotism in anticipation of the coming holiday, however I suppose that if I really think about it, I'm being "independent" from the crowd thereby exemplifying the very essence of "independence".  Eh?

Anyway, on to the nails -
Here we've got Del Sol's Knockout, a creamy nude that changes to a rosy blush with exposure to UV rays (or direct sunlight). The photo shows it at about half-way between the two shades.  I'm sorry! The sky just wasn't cooperating with me while I was trying to take the pictures.  I will try again, possibly tomorrow, to capture the two rather different shade in all of their I-wonder-what-chemicals-I've-just-put-on-my-fingernails-for-the-sake-of-color-changing glory.  Really, when I think about it, it's still totally worth it.
Over that I stamped a design from Bundle Monster plate 02 using Kiss Nail Art white.  The accents are with a no-Name silver foil applied with a dotting brush and there are very subtle pink shimmer rays extending out of the silver center of each burst.

You know now that I think about it, with a slightly different colored base and if I think of the design as a burst (instead of the flowers that I initially imagined them to be)... I would pretty much have a fireworks display.

Oh well!  Maybe next year.  :)

[Two Hours Later]....

My mom looked like she wanted to have her nails polished. So I gave HER a 4th theme!

Del Sol's Reckless with Bundle Monster plates 02 and 14. Fireworks done with Sinful's Sugar Sugar and Kiss Nail Art in a metallic blue and no-Name gold glitter. Stars done with Kiss white.  There's no top coat because she was getting a little antsy, but still... not bad!  (I wanted more glitter, but she insisted that it was "enough".  My momma's so silly sometimes!)