Friday, March 22, 2013

First World Problems

Where do I begin?
  • Issue #1: I want to participate in a world-wide social revolution, but the agency that I work for has decided to re-block all social networking sites.  (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. - not that anyone uses Myspace anyway, but just to be sure.)
  • Issue #2: Smart phones are fine usually for light tasks, but for anything intense like blogging or composing paragraph-length replies it's like trying to ram yarn through a sewing needle. Additionally, phone generally don't have spell check or grammar check without having to add a bunch of extra apps and crap.
  • Issue #3: Revolutions weren't always fought via the internet, but what else can you do when you're obligated to sit behind a desk for 8.5 of the 12ish hours that you're awake each day and have to "single parent" when you're not working or sleeping?  WHICH IS ONE OF THE PROBLEMS THAT I DESIRE TO REVOLUTIONIZE!!  D: (See upcoming rant about why I think feminism failed and why I also think TWRA stances have at least one valid point - or would if it weren't wrong.) 
  • Issue #4: Basically everything is becoming integrated into/via Facebook these days. For example, just for a moment, consider how many sites you regularly frequent that are not giving the option to "Log in with Facebook".  Yeah, it's a lot.  Sure, you don't NEED a facebook to use these sites, but if you already have one and the option exists to allow you have a consistent and convenient (okay, "lazy", stop judging) access to multiple forums and venues .... why would you not want to use it?!
  • Issue #5:  I'm annoyed that I'm upset about these things.  Which just does wonders for my general outlook and greatly improves my interactions with other people.  (Then again, that's more of a personal problem / symptom rather than a direct result of a situation.)
Anyway, thanks for reading.