Sunday, July 18, 2010

Challenge entry and etc.

Well, I've been busy busy busy lately.  My weekends are being spent at the Great Lakes Medieval Fair where I facepaint, henna, and glitter tattoo for my friend, Heather, owner/artist of Maximum Glitter.  This weekend and next I'm at home for a couple of grad parties, so I have time to paint my nails and blog a little.

Today's entry is *kind* of a cheat.  It's an entry that I submitted on Friday for a challenge on Polish Hoarder Disorder.  You can read about it and view all of the entries here.  This was my entry:

That's all for now! (Off to download the latest episode of True Blood and start reading Dead in the Family!!)
Transmission complete*

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Silver French with White Flowers

Well.  I got bored again.  I wanted designs that were more "summery" (read: lighter) and requiring less coats of polish (I was getting tired of making mistakes and having +16 layers of polish to re-do!)
I went for a fancy french with a clear base. I think I like it!

No-name Silver tips and dots, Konad plate m20 w/white special polish.  One coat of Out the Door. And that was it! 

I think I'd like to do something with colors next... but I can't decide on which ones.  Maybe something with sunflowers or violets. We'll see.  :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mixed bag of Spangled Stars

Well, I spoke too soon yesterday.  Today, my nail polish just started lifting and I was able to peel most of it off in  large sheets. Like "entire nail" sheets.  I'd have taken a pic, but I didn't want to offend anyone.
So, of course, my mom's nail did the same thing.  Her's didn't occur as dramatically as mine did, but needless to say, we both have fresh nail polish already.
I'm not going to post a pic of her nails because (at her request) I did the same job as the last one.
Mine, however, caught the Independence Day fever after all... just when I thought I was missing out!

On my pointer to crooked pinkie is a Revlon Red base, loose gold glitter and the BM stars in Kiss white.  The thumb is Sally Hansen red-something [old] with BM white stripes and stars in a field of Kiss metallic blue.  A thin line of no-name silver separates the two in contrast.
...or at least it DID until the Goddess of Nail Polish struck her spiteful vengeance upon me... A giant smear is now gashed right down my thumb - just while closing my bottle of Seche.  Poo.
Ah well... It *almost* looks like I *could have* done it on purpose.  I'm going to run with it. 
To illustrate:


Well, whaddaya think?  How bad is it?  :P

Have a good Fourth, everyone!  Drink, Eat and be Merry!  And enjoy lots of pyrotechnics!  (Ain't America grand??)

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not very Patriotic... unless you stretch your imagination!

While everyone else's nail seem to be infected by the spirit of July 4th.... I'm being a loser.
My nails do not reflect any sort of patriotism in anticipation of the coming holiday, however I suppose that if I really think about it, I'm being "independent" from the crowd thereby exemplifying the very essence of "independence".  Eh?

Anyway, on to the nails -
Here we've got Del Sol's Knockout, a creamy nude that changes to a rosy blush with exposure to UV rays (or direct sunlight). The photo shows it at about half-way between the two shades.  I'm sorry! The sky just wasn't cooperating with me while I was trying to take the pictures.  I will try again, possibly tomorrow, to capture the two rather different shade in all of their I-wonder-what-chemicals-I've-just-put-on-my-fingernails-for-the-sake-of-color-changing glory.  Really, when I think about it, it's still totally worth it.
Over that I stamped a design from Bundle Monster plate 02 using Kiss Nail Art white.  The accents are with a no-Name silver foil applied with a dotting brush and there are very subtle pink shimmer rays extending out of the silver center of each burst.

You know now that I think about it, with a slightly different colored base and if I think of the design as a burst (instead of the flowers that I initially imagined them to be)... I would pretty much have a fireworks display.

Oh well!  Maybe next year.  :)

[Two Hours Later]....

My mom looked like she wanted to have her nails polished. So I gave HER a 4th theme!

Del Sol's Reckless with Bundle Monster plates 02 and 14. Fireworks done with Sinful's Sugar Sugar and Kiss Nail Art in a metallic blue and no-Name gold glitter. Stars done with Kiss white.  There's no top coat because she was getting a little antsy, but still... not bad!  (I wanted more glitter, but she insisted that it was "enough".  My momma's so silly sometimes!)