Friday, July 2, 2010

Mixed bag of Spangled Stars

Well, I spoke too soon yesterday.  Today, my nail polish just started lifting and I was able to peel most of it off in  large sheets. Like "entire nail" sheets.  I'd have taken a pic, but I didn't want to offend anyone.
So, of course, my mom's nail did the same thing.  Her's didn't occur as dramatically as mine did, but needless to say, we both have fresh nail polish already.
I'm not going to post a pic of her nails because (at her request) I did the same job as the last one.
Mine, however, caught the Independence Day fever after all... just when I thought I was missing out!

On my pointer to crooked pinkie is a Revlon Red base, loose gold glitter and the BM stars in Kiss white.  The thumb is Sally Hansen red-something [old] with BM white stripes and stars in a field of Kiss metallic blue.  A thin line of no-name silver separates the two in contrast.
...or at least it DID until the Goddess of Nail Polish struck her spiteful vengeance upon me... A giant smear is now gashed right down my thumb - just while closing my bottle of Seche.  Poo.
Ah well... It *almost* looks like I *could have* done it on purpose.  I'm going to run with it. 
To illustrate:


Well, whaddaya think?  How bad is it?  :P

Have a good Fourth, everyone!  Drink, Eat and be Merry!  And enjoy lots of pyrotechnics!  (Ain't America grand??)