Friday, October 15, 2010

Rant and Review - Wet n' Wild Rain Check

Alright.  Let's get this started.

First off, let me tell you, I bought this as an impulse.  I saw it, I needed to buy something, so I grabbed it.  I thought, "hey, $.99, I can afford that. AND it's pretty!  Almost periwinkle." [I've had some major Periwinkle envy lately.]  I immediately swatched it on one of my fingers.  Aside from the near "goopyness" of the polish, I became instantly enamored.  I love this shade.  I love this shade so much that I bragged about it all day before I even got home to apply it.  I had already decided that I was going to cut the goopyness down with a healthy dose of thinner.

....Got home, added thinner.  By the time I could thin the polish to a consistency that I felt comfortable working with, I ended up applying FOUR coats on my nails to get Bottle Opacity.  [I'm wondering why I even bothered.]
It bubbled.  A little bit.  But they mostly disappeared after the polish settled for a while and I topcoated with my bff Seche.

I'm a bit disappointed - it chipped - overnight - as you can see on the inside tip of my middle finger. And it has just gotten worse as the day has worn on.  Granted, I didn't use a base coat of any kind... But I'm still in LOVE with this shade!  OMG do I love it!  Some times it's dusty grey-blue!  Sometimes it's a frosty periwinkle!  Seriously, IN LOVE. 

[Actual shade is somewhere in between both of the comparison photos.]

(sample jpg from

Now, if I could just make it work....   :-*