Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter & Xmas Themed Nail Art (and some seasonal kvetching)

Winter... I have such mixed emotions about it.
We have Christmas, my birthday, New Year's, and snow that is magical. 
It's also very very cold, which leads me to desire hibernation.
I'm so very very tired.  In fact, I'm pooped.
I currently want nothing to do with anything that requires me to change out of pj's.  Honestly.  But at least we're past the solstice, so the days are getting longer now and it can only grow warmer.  In fact (!) I see the sun shining outside.  Right now!  Yay!

Also, some awesomeness (for me):  A friend of mine just posted to my FB wall a link.  Yay!  That's ME!!!  :D

Anyway, here are some pics:

I hope you all have had a wonderful and magical Holiday Season... Let's get back to the grind and ROCK THE SOCKS OFF THE NEW YEAR 2011!!!!!