Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nail Art - More Autumn Layering

**Now with "Step by Step"!**

My husband felt that my last manicure wasn't "autumnal" enough... *blows a raspberry at him*
And since I can't back down from a good challenge I had to re-do my last nail art using lighter and warmer colors...  So, here it is:

(sorry for the uber glare... I'm not sure what that's all about.)

Step #1:
Base: Seche Ridge Filler
Wet n Wild - Gold and the Beautiful
Top Coat: Out the Door

 Step #2:
(On top of Gold/Beautiful)
2/3  OPI - Rising Star
3/3 (tip)  OPI - Take the Stage
Top Coat: Out the Door
(Side note: the TONALITY of Gold/Beautiful and Rising Star is almost dupe,
however, RS has far more foil sparkle to it.)

Step #3:
Bundle Monster Plate #bm04
Konad Special Polish - Burnt Orange
(Just fyi: this stuff stamps weirdly.)

Step #4:
(pictured above)
Added accent details with L.A. Colors Nail Art Brush:
Red, Yellow, and Neon Orange
Lots and lots of Seche!!  

PS:  I want to thank everyone who has commented on and/or read my blogs.  I really appreciate it!  And I'm sorry if I don't always respond or comment on yours, but as most of you with your own blogs know... it's HARD to do BOTH!!!  But really, those little morsels of encouragement are what keep us motivated and our blogs going so please don't stop!!